eSourcing Capability Models - eSCM - Set

Auteur: Bill Hefley
  • UitgeverVan Haren Publishing

  • 9789087536060 - hardcopy
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€ 132,50
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Since its inception in 2000, the Information Technology Services Qualification Center (ITSqc),, has established standards for companies that provide services such as IT operations, applications development and management, back office operations, engineering design, payroll and telemarketing support, as well as for companies that purchase those services.

The ITSqc Series is a range of titles that brings readers and users these ITSqc best practices; they are currently used world-wide by companies who wish to access the combined wisdom of  ITSqc, major IT sourcing firms, clients and advisors. The series includes the acclaimed eSCM models which provide best practice guidance on e-sourcing and a means to evaluate and improve service delivery, reduce risks and assess the value of the sourced services.

Titles in this set include:


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