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CATS CM® editie 2014: Contractmanagement voor opdrachtgever en leverancier
June 2014
9789087537210 | dutch | hardcopy | 2014
Dit boek is een inleiding tot contractmanagement voor bedrijven en overheid. Het introduceert een aantal basisbegrippen en concepten en biedt een helder stappenplan om de meeste valkuilen rond contracten proactief te vermijden. Contractmanagemen.. more information
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eSourcing Capability Model pour les organisations clientes - eSCM-CL
May 2014
9789087538088 | french | hardcopy | 2014
Le modèle eSCM-CL (eSourcing Capability Model pour les organisations clientes) est un modèle de bonnes pratiques de sourcing qui permet aux organisations clientes d’évaluer et d’améliorer leur aptitude à la mise en place, au développement et à la ges.. more information
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Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management
September 2013
9789087537128 | english | hardcopy | 2013
This ground-breaking title from the world’s leading authority on contemporary contracting best practices, the IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) delivers a lively and practical complete insight into the contracti.. more information
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Outsourcing onder Architectuur
June 2012
9789087537067 | dutch | hardcopy | 2012
Hoe kan architectuur bijdragen aan een verantwoorde, professionele outsourcing? De PON-werkgroep ‘Outsourcing onder Architectuur’ heeft de afgelopen twee jaar intensief gewerkt om deze cruciale vraag te beantwoorden. De hoofdstukken en paragrafen .. more information
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The Demand Supply Governance Framework
June 2012
9789087536947 | english | hardcopy | 2012
Demand Supply Governance is a skill in high demand because of the following: Ever faster technology advances, pressures on costs and service levels causes pressure on the IT departments to deliver. Outsourcing has made the market more competitiv.. more information
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Contract and Commercial Management - The Operational Guide
November 2011
9789087536275 | english | hardcopy | 2011
Almost 80% of CEOs say that their organization must get better at managing external relationships. According to The Economist, one of the major reasons why so many relationships end in disappointment is that most organizations 'are not very good at c.. more information
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IT Outsourcing Part 2:  Managing the Sourcing Contract
November 2010
9789087536169 | english | hardcopy | 2010
IT Outsourcing Part 2: Managing the Sourcing Contract covers all the processes for managing the contract, from the transition phase through to normal operational service and contract termination. Developed for IT practitioners as well as commercial .. more information
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Implementing Strategic Sourcing
July 2010
9789087535797 | english | hardcopy | 2010
This informative, comprehensive, yet practical guide provides readers with a complete tool-kit of how to approach global sourcing successfully. Based on real world experiences on implementing and sustaining global sourcing the book provides reader.. more information
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Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge - OPBOK Version 9
June 2010
9789087536138 | english | hardcopy | 2010
Outsourcing is here to stay. It is inextricably linked to the globalization of business. International trade networks continue to connect the world’s economies and organizations increasingly turn to partners, often through outsourcing, to help them:.. more information
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eSourcing Capability Models eSCM-Set
May 2010
9789087536060 | english | hardcopy | 2010
Since its inception in 2000, the Information Technology Services Qualification Center (ITSqc), www.itsqc.org, has established standards for companies that provide services such as IT operations, applications development and management, back office op.. more information
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eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations – eSCM-CL
January 2010
9789087535599 | english | hardcopy | 2010
The eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations (eSCM-CL) is the best practices model that enables client organizations to appraise and improve their capability to foster the development of more effective relationships and to better manage th.. more information
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IT Outsourcing  - An introduction
July 2009
9789087534929 | english | hardcopy | 2009
The globalization and development of the network society meant that extensive IT outsourcing activity was inevitable. At fi rst, the main reason was cost reduction, but today’s organizations have to do offshoreoutsourcing for other reasons as well.. more information
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Surviving outsourcing
June 2009
9789087532253 | english | hardcopy | 2009
This book is a widely popular selection of practical hints and tips on how to solve real problems and make the most out of Outsourcing. Presented in a unique comic strip format it shows how a fictitious company Schreuder uses Outsourcing to resolve a.. more information
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De RfP voor IT-outsourcing - Management Guide
October 2006
9789077212974 | dutch | hardcopy | 2006
IT-outsourcing heeft zich ontwikkeld tot een volwaardige strategische bedrijfsoptie. Een belangrijke keuze hierbij is die van de leverancier. In de voorbereiding op IToutsourcing staat de Request for Proposal (RfP of offerteaanvraag) centraal. Dit.. more information