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ASL®2 Self-assessment (english version)

ASL®2 Self-assessment (english version)

Price: € 13,73
Ex Tax: € 12,95

ASL® 2 -  A Pocket Guide (english version)

ASL® 2 - A Pocket Guide (english version)

Price: € 16,91
Ex Tax: € 15,95

BiSL® Self-assessment (english version)

BiSL® Self-assessment (english version)

Price: € 13,73
Ex Tax: € 12,95

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Lean IT in 3 minutes

Posted on Thursday April 10, 2014

Author: Jan Heunks Title/definition Lean IT The basics Lean IT is an extension of the Lean manufacturing and Lean services principles, applied in an IT environment. The approach is a way of thinking and acting, focussing heavily on organizational culture. Lean IT is associated with the development and management of Information Technology...




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